Statement of Policy

Statement of Policy

The Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) is a non-profit association of physicians with training in the medical specialty of Anesthesiology.

Membership is a privilege, not a right to which any individual is entitled by reason of licensure or certification as provided in its Bylaws.

The Society operates with the principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association and the Statement of Policy of The American Society of Anesthesiologists as the basic guides to the ethical conduct of physicians.

However, the Society requires that its members be specifically cognizant of the following policies:

  • The MSA represents the practice of anesthesiology as the practice of medicine with all of the privileges, duties, prerogatives and obligations thereof in the State of Maryland.
  • Members shall not participate in any arrangements which permit the exploitation of a patient or any colleague, or which permits fraud, deceit or any restrictions upon the patient’s securing the maximum benefits of the special knowledge and capabilities of a specialty trained anesthesiologist.
  • Members of this Society shall not join or remain on the medical staff of any hospital or institution where all the anesthesiologists are not accorded corresponding rights, privileges and limitations extended to other members of the medical staff.
  • This Statement of Policy contains principles formally adopted by and strongly advocated by this Society. Neither acceptance of nor adherence to this Statement of Policy is a condition of any privilege of membership in the Society and the adoption and publication of this Statement of Policy is not intended to interfere with any member’s exercise of independent judgment. Each member of the Society, however, is urged to consider the principles stated herein as they apply to the member’s own medical practice.