MSA Legislative Committee


The following are documents issued by State Agencies and/or presented as testimony in hearings or briefings:

  1. MIA-2024 Health Insurance Rates - October 5, 2023

  2. MIA-HDH Plans - October 5, 2023

  3. December 12, 2023: HGO Briefing on Hospital Operating Room Survey for Pediatric Medicaid Dental Cases:

    1. Link to Briefing Agenda and Materials

    2. Link to Video Recording (relevant section at 2hr 14min mark)

    3. Study of OR Space for Dental Procedures  

4. January 17, 2024: HGO Briefing on ED Wait Times and HSCRC Total Cost of Care/AHEAD 

  1. Improving Hospital Throughput and Emergency Department Length of Stay - Improving Hospital Throughput 

  2. Update on Total Cost of Care Model, AHEAD Model, and Improving  Emergency Department Wait Times - HSCRC MDH 

5. Maryland General Assembly Hospital Throughput Work Group Final Report - March 2024


Change Healthcare Cyber Attack:

Maryland Department of Health Response, Guidance, and Resources 


MSA Resource Information:

Trends in direct hospital payments to anesthesia groups: A retrospective cohort study of nonacademic hospitals in California (Anesthesiology. 2019 Sep; 131(3): 534–542. )